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The International Conference on Lightning & Static Electricity is a biennial conference, and provides a forum on lightning and static electricity placing stress on, but not limited to, interaction with aircrafts. Lightning phenomenology is a traditional subject, and interactions with wind turbines, trains, automobiles are recent topics.

ICOLSE leaves North America and Europe for the first time in its history, and travels to Asia. The next conference in September 2017 takes place in Nagoya, Japan. Nagoya is the center of the Chubu region in between Tokyo and Osaka, and is the fourth largest city of Japan. It was founded 400 years ago. Though not many old buildings are left due to the air raid of WWII, it flourishes with automotive industries. The headquarter of Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation and the origin of the Toyota Group are in this area. Chubu International Airport is nearby, and is conveniently connected to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka by Shinkansen, the bullet train. Even day-trips to these cities are possible, however, please find different tastes of Nagoya yourself from these cities, besides enjoying the conference.

Masaru Ishii
ICOLSE2017 LOC Chair

International Conference on Lightning & Static Electricity